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More to Life than Services Conference 20-22 Nov 2013

ImagineBetter is pleased to let you know that the conference programme and registration for this More to Life than Services Conference are now available on their website. 




This three-day international conference will explore alternatives to our current disability service systems.

Presentations and Keynotes will address one or more of the conferences themes of

      Sharing of Wisdom and Experience of what is known to date on the development and sustainability of alternatives to traditional service approaches.

      Celebration of the stories and life development that a shift of support focus has made possible in the lives of people and their families.

      Innovation, Change and Designing the Future  Taking the future into our own hands, the changed roles of services, disabled people, families and communities.

The More to Life than Services Conference will be held in Auckland on the 20th – 22nd November 2013.  

Read More/Register     Download Programme 

Call for Papers and Presentations

ImagineBetter is pleased to announce the Call for Papers and Presentations for the 2012 conference on Individualised Funding and Self Directed Services. This conference will explore what has been learnt about the implementation and contribution of Individualised Funding to the life opportunities of people with disabilities and their families both internationally and within New Zealand.
More information on the Imagine Better website.