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Job Op: Connect SR Seeks Employment Consultant

Employment Consultant with Big Heart and Even Bigger Influence.

EDGE Employment seeks Supported Employment Consultant to coach North Shore/Rodney jobseekers experiencing mental ill health or distress.  If you too firmly believe everyone can work given the right job and the right support, it’s nothing like as difficult as that might first sound…


EDGE Employment is an integral and autonomous division within Connect Supporting Recovery, an established NGO delivering recovery focused mental health care services throughout Auckland and Hamilton, with revenues in excess of $8million and 120 full time staff.

Innovation, flexibility and pioneering achievements are balanced in equal measure with grounded reality and the courage to speak out at the Emperor’s lack of new clothes.  Somehow, it works…

Supported employment is a deeply personalized yet evidence–based approach allowing individuals with significant disabilities fulfill their employment aspirations and achieve real social and economic inclusion.  It can also offer employers the positive benefits of diversity, employee motivation and a wider customer appeal.  So not only individuals but also organisations, communities, even the government will also benefit from your endeavors!

Suitable applicants could come from a variety of backgrounds but must:

  •  Be good questioners, great listeners, effective networkers and outstanding advocates to fully engage both employers and jobseekers.
  • Understand employer’s needs and identify vacancies.  First hand experience of NZ workplace cultures and businesses is essential.
  • Possess keen and creative negotiation skills, resilience, tenacity and occasional bloody mindedness focusing on job matches and on-going support.
  • Passionately promote, respect and ultimately enable jobseeker choice and control.
  • Have the insight and common decency to be appropriately culturally sensitive.

Empathy, knowledge or experience of mental health would be a distinct advantage, as would a hunger to learn, grow and share.  A full drivers licence and the right to work in New Zealand are non negotiable.

EDGE Employment is a values based, innovative, maybe even slightly quirky environment.  We will do our very best to give you the right balance of freedom, support, development, encouragement and aroha.

In the first instance forward your CV and covering letter to June Ranyard, our HR Administrator at admin@connectsr.org.nz