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Access 80 Free Articles on Depression during October 2012

Free Articles from Routledge Mental Health

Celebrate World Mental Health Day for the entire month with over 80 FREE articles on Depression from Routledge Mental Health available until October 26, 2012 at: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/access/free-articles-world-mental-health-day-2012.pdf

Play Computer Games to Combat Depression

SPARX Self-Help Computer Programme

SPARX is a self-help computer programme for young people with symptoms of depression. The programme has been funded by the Ministry of Health and developed by a University of Auckland team which specialises in treating adolescent depression. Check out the award winning game here http://www.sparx.org.nz/

Shine A Light: New online resource

Shine A Light On Depression – marie claire magazine Australia

To help end the stigma surrounding depression and mental illness, marie claire brings you Shine A Light, an online forum where we can come together to show our support for sufferers of depression everywhere.

When you visit the site you’ll find a bunch of lights circling your screen: click on one and you’ll be able to read someone’s message of hope, happiness, freedom or love. If you’ve got a bit to share around yourself, you can add your own message to the mix for others to read later.

A great initiative to get women talking about their experiences and feeling okay about asking for help!