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Seeking 2nd Generation LGBT Asian Kiwis for Documentary

Notable Pictures is working on a new documentary series, Both Worlds, and currently looking for potential stories for the show, ( for 1.5 or 2 generation of Asian Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual or transgender) on 1.5 and 2nd generation kiwis (who moved to NZ while they were teenagers or younger), who are aged between approximately 15 – 35 years old

They’ll be someone with an interesting story, who’d be good on camera as they’ll need to sustain a full half hour episode. They need to clearly be straddling two worlds and preferably have some kind of big event coming up in their lives that they’d be open to sharing on television. For example, a wedding, making their debut in a stage show, their band is putting out their first album, they’re looking for a husband / wife in an unusual way, they’re really active in their community or other organisations such as Rainbow Youth, Shakti, Greenpeace… they may be politically active, a sports person, maybe their relatives from their home country are moving over here or coming for a visit and they haven’t seen them in a long time and now live quite different lives. Or they’re about to start at a new school. Unexpected stories will be the most interesting. Below is a little brief, if you or someone you know might be interested, let me know and feel free to pass on this email.

BOTH WORLDS is a 10 part documentary series to screen on New Zealand broadcaster TV3, exploring personal stories of 1.5 and 2nd generation New Zealanders. Our cameras will spend time with one person per episode, tapping into the concerns, hopes and fears this generation faces, as they try to balance their lives with a foot in two worlds, that of their cultural heritage and their Kiwi identity.

Giving the series a 21st century twist, we’ll also give participants a small and flexible handycam so they may record their thoughts, feelings and opinions as well as providing perspective on life within their community.

Do you know anyone in your community who is 1.5 or 2nd generation, with a great story to tell that fits into the Both Worlds brief? If so, we’d love to hear from them with a view to having them contribute to our innovative new show.

Phone: 09 973 5731 / 021 116 2659 or email angelique@notablepictures.com