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Anne Helm on Take it From Us radio show: 13 May 2014

Mental health champion Anne Helm is tomorrow’s guest on the Take It From Us radio show.

Anne, who has won an award for her contribution to NZ mental health services, works to highlight psychiatric abuse and advocate for change in mental health services, especially the elimination of seclusion.

Listen live on 104.6FM at 12.30pm Tuesday 13 May 2014, or see www.planetaudio.org.nz

If you miss the live broadcast, listen for the next seven days at www.planetaudio.org.nz/takeitfromus

Connect with the Take It From Us Facebook page @ Facebook.com; type ‘take it from us’ in the search box

Email takeitfromus@mail.com for any feedback and comment/suggestions for shows.

Kiwi Woman Receives Award for Contribution to Mental-Health Services in NZ

New Zealander Anne Helm has received the 2013 Award for Exceptional Contribution to Mental Health Service in Australia or New Zealand by The Mental Health Services (TheMS) Conference.

Anne Helm has worked tirelessly to highlight psychiatric abuse and advocate for change within mental health services in New Zealand. She has been at the forefront of the consumer movement in New Zealand for over thirty years and remains as passionate about the issues today, devoting time and energy to the cause of recovery and resolving issues from the past.

Anne’s work includes:

  • Panel member of the Confidential Forum for Former Inpatients of Psychiatric Hospitals established by the New Zealand Government.
  • Subsequent advocacy for a government response to the Forum findings including appearing in the Mental Notes documentary
  • Advocacy and advisory work at local and national level
  • Work to promote the elimination of seclusion within mental health services in New Zealand.