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Toi Ora ‘Outsider Art’ Exhibition

Mark your calendars for Toi Ora’s Outsider Art exhibition opening on Tuesday 10 March 2015.

Toi Ora Live Art Trust is a unique shared creative space in the heart of Auckland city where people can find support for their mental health and well-being.  Toi Ora Live Art Trust provides an array of visual arts, writing, music and recording classes and workshops that are tutored by professional practitioners with experience and/or an understanding of the issues surrounding mental health.

Studio space is available for people wishing to work on individual or collaborative projects. A range of art materials and resources are available. Members are able to explore their creative ideas and potential in this supported environment.

If you would like to know more about Toi Ora click here.

If you would like to see our artists and their work click here.

The ‘Outsider Art’ exhibition will feature art from outside the boundaries of official culture. It will run from 10th March to 30 April at Toi Ora Gallery, 6 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn.

Contact: Faye: faye@toiora.org.nz; or Erwin: erwin@toiora.org.nz
Phone: 09 360 4171

Toi Ora proudly presents ETHEREAL

Visit and view the highly recommended Ethereal exhibition at Toi Ora Live Arts Trust.

It runs until the 3rd of October at Toi Ora, 6 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn. Phone 09 360 4171.

ETHEREAL: art of different worlds with Tricia Hall, Christine Mansford, Haleigh Newth, and Louise Williams.

Toi Ora’s latest exhibition brings together four women artists who explore the ideas of other worlds that lie beneath the surface of this one.

Each artist in their preferred medium seeks out the strange, the other, the intriguing, and the macabre.

From the artists: “Whether using photography, paint, printmaking or pastel, we are drawing attention to the inner landscapes of the imaginary, the fantastical, the whimsical, and the wonder of seeing the world through different eyes. We are creating the potential for the many layers of stories that are possible if we only take the time to explore them.”

More on the Toi Ora Website.