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YouthLaw Moves in with Youthline in Papatoetoe

YouthLaw has a new home! YouthLaw has moved  to YouthLine’s Papatoetoe Youth Development Centre – The Station! If you are a young person needing to talk to a free lawyer, give YouthLaw a call!

YouthLaw is a community law centre helping children and young people (under 25s) across Aotearoa.  They provide free legal information, legal advice, education and, where capacity allows, representation services to young people who otherwise can’t access legal assistance.

Through their 0800 UTHLAW phone line lawyers support and advise young people in a number of legal areas.  For example where they feel unsafe (at home or at school), face being kicked out of school, or are being treated unfairly at work.   In coordination with organisations who work with young people, they also run legal education sessions and in the last year have run these sessions for over 6,000 children, young people and those who work with them.  They also work on a number of law reform projects to ensure the law treats young people fairly and that young people’s views and opinions are heard when important decisions are being made that may affect them.

Youthlaw have moved to the Papatoetoe Youth Development Centre to collaborate more closely with other youth services, such as YouthLine, and are looking forward to developing closer relationships with these organisations as they respond to the challenges that 2013 will bring.