Engage Aotearoa


You too can help make it easier for Kiwis to find what they need to recover from a mental-health problem.

Engage Aotearoa is a charitable initiative from Community Mental-Health Resources Trust (CMHRT). We receive no public funding to deliver our services and have been volunteering our spare time to build Engage Aotearoa since 2009. With no funding, we have built a resource that is used by up to 6 000 individuals every month. We look forward to the day when we have raised enough funds to hire the full-time staff needed to make sure our free tools and resources are known to everyone who needs them.

All donations over $5 are tax deductible within New Zealand.


What will your funds be spent on? 

When you make your donation, you have the option to give us special instructions about what its for. We need funds for the following things…

  1. Keeping the Engage Aotearoa website live and updated
  2. Expanding and upgrading The Community Resources Directory
  3. Publishing and distributing The Butterfly Diaries
  4. Producing printed Information Pack Brochures and sending them out to the world
  5. Buying the equipment we need to do our best: basic things like a Printer and proper signage
  6. Promotional materials and activities to raise public awareness of what Engage Aotearoa has to offer: so far most of our advertising has happened by word of mouth.  We’ve reached a lot of people that way, but we know we can reach more.
  7. Hiring full-time staff to expand our resources and widen our reach: Our team does the best they can with their spare time, but we need to hire full-time staff to truly fulfill our mission of making it easy to find what you need to recover from a mental-health problem or support someone through.

Even your small change will make a difference! 

  • $5 prints and posts one copy of The Community Resources Directory
  • $5 prints and posts a copy of The Butterfly Diaries
  • $5 prints a pack of twenty-five Information Brochures

Find more ways to support our work here