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Mike King Talks

The Cool to Korero and Community Korero Project

Key to Life Charitable Trust continue to visit communities and schools around the country to get people talking to prevent suicide. Please contact The Key to Life Charitable Trust to inquire about organising a Korero in your town or school.

It all started in the Far North in early 2013. Our service director was visiting her home town of Kaitaia for the summer, after an increase in youth suicides in the area. Wanting to do something to help, she contacted Mike King of Key to Life Charitable Trust and asked him to team up to empower people to prevent suicide in their community and direct support to those who need it. In March 2013, with support from Sky Light and the Mental Health Commissioner, we visited Taipa Area School and Kaitaia College with the first Cool to Korero presentations, followed by the first Community Korero at Te Ahu Centre in Kaitaia. Mike shared his story, we fielded questions, shared printed resources and spent time with students afterwards. Schools and community leaders started getting in touch to book talks in their towns and at their schools. By March the following year, over 15 000 students across NZ had taken part in the school talks alone and Key to Life didn’t stop there. They’ve given the project a life of its own. We’ve kept some of the original information up for posterity but bookings and inquiries should now go directly to Key to Life Charitable Trust.

Contact Key to Life Charitable Trust for bookings admin@keytolife.org.nz 

Community Korero with Mike King

In the Community Korero, comedian Mike King gets straight up about his battle with depression, addiction and his ongoing journey back to recovery, including the mistakes he made along the way. Hear about the things he learnt from the hard times and how all those mistakes were blessings in disguise. This is a not-to-be-missed chance for communities to come together and explore how to support our youth and each other to survive and thrive. Ask the questions you have always wanted to ask – Mike is joined by Tai Tupou for a Q & A session at the end of the talk. Connect with other community members who care. Plus heaps of useful resources to take away for later. Community Korero is open to all members of the community and is suitable for early teens to older adults. We especially encourage mental-health workers, teachers, parents and town-planners to attend this session.

School Sessions: It’s Cool to Korero with Mike King

Students get to spend some quality time with Kiwi comedian Mike King as he talks about how he survived growing up. Mike’s is the story of a kid who wanted to fit in. It is about wanting to be part of the cool group but being 4’11 with buck teeth and big ears and needing a miracle to make it happen. Then one day he discovered he had a gift to make people laugh and he went from being bullied, to being liked and then many years later becoming a bully himself. Mike shares tips on how to deal with bullies and also why bullies do what they do. Most of all, he speaks about why it is important to talk rather than have conversations with yourself.  Tai Tupou joins Mike for a Q&A session that gives students a chance to ask whatever they want of Mike and Tai. And anyone who needs support straight away will have the opportunity for some one-on-one time at the end. The main point is this… in life there will always be hurdles and heartbreak, but with perseverance, support and an attitude of hope, great things WILL happen.

Contact Key to Life Charitable Trust for bookings admin@keytolife.org.nz