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Community Mental-Health Resources Trust (CMHRT) was established in 2012 to provide accessible information and tools to assist people to achieve and maintain positive mental health.

The trust was formed in 2012, but we have been running this website since 2009. At first we set up a company called Engage Aotearoa Ltd – we thought we could use a business model to fund delivering resources to the community without relying on funding bodies, but it didn’t work. So in 2012, we went back to the drawing board and restructured to fit the not-for-profit nature of what we were really trying to do. The operations team created CMHRT, recruited a board of trustees and registered the trust as a legal charity. The original company changed its name to Engage Resources Ltd and stayed in existence as copyright holders of the material so delivery can be supervised for safety into the future. CMHRT was gifted a resource licence to deliver the Engage Aotearoa website and associated resources to the NZ public, free of charge. 

CMHRT operates the Engage Aotearoa website and the free Community Treasure Chest resources to help people experiencing mental-health problems and their supporters access information, skills and recovery resources that are both evidence-based and informed by lived experience. 

CMHRT is registered as a charitable trust with the Companies Office and the Charities Commission (Registration No: CC49401).

CMHRT Board of Trustees: Miriam Larsen-Barr, Kenneth Larsen, Sheree Veysey (Secretary), and Taimi Allan (Chairperson).

Read the CMHRT Trust Deed!

Meet the Board

Miriam Larsen-Barr is service director of operations. She has lived experience of recovery, supporting family members and working in the field of mental-health. Miriam is the founder of Engage Resources Ltd and designer of the recovery resources shared on the Engage Aotearoa website. She holds a BA in psychology and employment relations, a PGDip in psychology, an MA (1st Class Hons) in psychology and is currently completing her doctorate.

Taimi Allan is chairperson of CMHRT. She is known for her high quality work on New Zealand’s ‘Like Minds, Like Mine’ programme, for the creation of ‘reTHiNK’, for her role at Mind and Body Consultants, as an expert speaker on social media for suicide prevention and as being a pragmatic and diplomatic policy advisor. As a leader in the field of mental health in New Zealand, Taimi is a highly sought after presenter, with measured success in reducing stigma and discrimination through innovative health promotion strategies including tailored education and training packages, social technology, media communications, entertainment and event production.

Sheree Veysey is secretary of CMHRT. She is a counsellor and trainer who was initially drawn to working in the field of mental health through her lived experience of mental unwellness. She is passionate about people finding their own unique recipes for wellbeing and recovery which attend to the whole person and their situation. She has a Masters of Social Practice, Bachelor of Communication Studies and is a provisional member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors. Sheree is also a writer and musician, as well as an adoring auntie and dog owner.