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Have Your Say on How Community Funding Works in Auckland

Auckland Council provides various forms of support to community groups working for their communities.  This assistance comes in a number of forms including, but not limited to:

  • capacity building and governance support
  • funding
  • provision of subsidised leases
  • partnership with council to develop facilities.

Auckland Council is undertaking stakeholder consultation on a new Community Assistance Framework and related policies, including:

Community funding policy

This policy will guide the provision of contestable and multiyear contract grants at regional and local levels.  The policy will support the provision of grants to a wide-range of community groups across the region, whilst ensuring the policy is equitable, accountable and transparent.

Community lease policy

This policy will guide the provision of subsidised, below market rental community leases across the region.  The policy will provide subsidised council-owned buildings and / or land to community groups to undertake a range of activities that benefit the community.

Facility partnership policy

This policy will guide the creation of partnerships between council and external organisations to develop new or upgrade existing facilities across the region.  The intent of the policy is to address gaps in council’s network facilities by entering into partnerships with external organisations.

The long-term approach to community assistance is expected to become effective from July 2012, contingent upon political and consultative processes.  Members of the public, key internal and external stakeholders and community organisations will be asked to participate fully in these processes.

As a community group in the region, the new framework and policies may affect your organisation and we welcome your views.

You can register interest in being involved in consultation by emailing communityassistance@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz.  

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