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We’re Still Here

You will probably have noticed that things have been quiet on the Engage Aotearoa front over the last couple of years. We are still here, but we’ve been in hibernation while I completed the last two years of my doctorate. While we were in hibernation, the scale of things shrunk a bit, so we are now back to the original ‘team’ who built the site back in 2009, myself and Daniel Larsen-Barr. We’ll be slowly gearing back up again soon. But in the meantime background wheels are still turning.

We’ve already got some things on the horizon, namely the next volume of Butterfly Diaries with the final two stories, a call for stories from young people for a special youth volume of The Butterfly Diaries, and a bunch of worksheets from Engage Group, which I think are about over-due for being put online where anyone can find them. I’ve always been reluctant to put them online because I think CBT worksheets are hard and sometimes distressing to do alone without any guidance to go with them. So I’m going to add a sheet of tips to go with each one and you’ll see them start to appear over the next few months. I added the Thriving Lives Worksheet to the Coping Resources page not long ago, so check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

And any day now I will return to adding new strategies to the Coping Kete on a regular basis.

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