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The Mindfulness Summit: free and online from 1-31 October 2015

The Mindfulness Summit is an ONLINE and FREE event running the entire month of October 2015. Melli O’Brien of MrsMindfulness.com has gathered over 30 of the world’s leading experts on meditation and mindfulness for a series of online interviews, practice sessions and presentations taking place for free from October 1 – 31, 2015. Register online and receive an email everyday with a link to watch. Each day, a new free interview or keynote presentation will be available on that day only. Keynote speakers include Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ruby Wax, Russ Harris and more.

Find out more and register to take part at themindfulnesssummit.com/

DAY 1  Professor Mark WilliamsAn Introduction To Mindfulness

DAY 2  Joseph GoldsteinPractical Guidance On Mindful Living & Overcoming Common Obstacles

DAY 3  Dan HarrisFrom Sceptic to Meditator. Dan Shares How He ‘Tamed The Voice In His Head’ & How You Can Too

DAY 4  Jono FisherMindful Masculinity, Conscious Capitalism and Kindness

DAY 5  Dr. Susan AlbersHow to Practice Mindful Eating

DAY 6  Tami SimonHow Does Mindfulness Relate To Spiritual Awakening? An Interview & Meditation

DAY 7  Dr. Rick HansonThe Neuroscience Of Mindfulness

DAY 8  Elisha GoldsteinHow To Integrate Mindfulness Into Everyday Life

DAY 9  Ruby Wax: How Mindfulness Can Transform Depression, Overcome Performance Anxiety & Create A ‘Sane New World’

DAY 10  Tara BrachHow To End ‘The Trance of Unworthiness’ & Move Through Fear

DAY 11  Shamash AlidinaPractical Tips on Becoming More Mindful (Submit Questions for Day 17 Today)

DAY 12 Sam HarrisWaking Up. A Powerful Talk About Spirituality Without Religion

DAY 13  Jack KornfieldIntegrating ‘Spiritual’ Life With Everyday Life

DAY 14  Vidyamala BurchMindfulness For Chronic Pain & Suffering

DAY 15  Professor Paul GilbertHow To Practice Mindful Compassion

DAY 16  Dr. Dan Siegel & Caroline WelchThe Effects of Technology + Mindfulness Business & Leadership

DAY 17  Question and Answer Day 1

DAY 18 & nbsp;Lori DescheneMindfulness With Technology & The Power of Authenticity

DAY 19  Dr. Russ HarrisHow To Observe Your Thoughts & Feelings Without Getting Caught Up

DAY 20  Arianna HuffingtonHow To Thrive In This Information Age

DAY 21  Timothea GoddardThe Insights & Realisations That Develop Through Mindfulness

DAY 22  Mirabai BushMindfulness In Business (Submit Questions for Day 30 Today)

DAY 23  Dr. Kristen RaceMindful Parenting

DAY 24  Dan GolemanWhy Focus Is The Hidden Driver Of Excellence

DAY 25  Katherine Weare – Teaching Mindfulness To Children

DAY 26  Michael ChaskalsonMindfulness For Peak Performance

DAY 27  Richard BurnettMindfulness In Schools

DAY 28  Mindfulness Apps, Tools & Tech Day

DAY 29  Dr. Judson BrewerMindfulness For Addiction

DAY 30  Question & Answer Day 2

DAY 31  Jon Kabat-Zinn: LIVESTREAM October 31st 5:00 PM EDT/ 2:00 PM PDT/ 8:00 AM 1st November AEDT

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