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Mind Over Manner Workshop | Auckland: 21 October 2013

  • WHEN: 7pm – 9pm,  Monday 21st October  2013.
  • WHERE: TAPAC Theatre, Motions Road, Western Springs.
  • WHO should come: any parent who has  a teenager with cognitive differences  and who wants to develop their instinctive capabilities and gain practical strategies to help bridge the communication gap.
  • HOW MUCH: $30 per head

This specialist workshop is designed for parents with teenagers who think and learn differently. There is a significant increase in the number of children who have difficulty with existing learning methods and who struggle to participate in large groups. This workshop will increase the understanding and  develop vital communication skills for working with teens with cognitive and sensory processing differences (eg, Asperger’s, ADD, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and OCD).

Using a skilled MoM facilltator, hypothetical and real life scenarios are played out by experienced actors and then improved..shaped…altered using the input and suggestions from the audience. Mind over Manner provides practical pathways to help improve relationships and behavioural outcomes, and promotes a deeper understanding with which to successfully navigate these vital teenage years. This workshop promises to be an extremely valuable, entertaining and eye-opening experience.

RSVP to Sue Haldane ph 027 665 8084 or email sue@mindovermanner.co.nz

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