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Learn to Love the Skin You Are In at EDEN on 31 July 2012

Your BODY has the answers to your body issues

  • a session with guest presenter Janelle Fletcher – Confidence Coach

Health, body and life changes can throw us off course in terms of the way we feel about and treat our body. Such changes also give us the opportunity to get in tune with our inner knowing – the best expert! What have YOU been going through that has left you feeling less than comfortable in your skin?

From superwoman to a super woman, from loathing her body to now loving it, from body disgust to body trust and from listening to external sources to now trusting her own internal resource, she can show you how to finally love the skin you’re in and also address your health, body and life issues from the inside out.

Janelle Fletcher – Speaker and Confidence Coach wants to help YOU be

  • confident in your body and love it no matter what.
  • confident in yourself and doing what’s best for you.
  • confident that you have all it takes to get you through your health, body and life changes well.

Janelle’s story is much like the Ugly Duckling with years of hating her body and suffering low self-esteem whilst trying to fit in, yet never feeling she ever did.

Years of eating and food issues, depression, fertility issues, miscarriage losses, low libido, a suicide attempt and a lingering theme of un-confidence despite being a high achiever and a fabulous mother of 6, Janelle now chooses love for her body and love for herself and has learned that her body has all the answers, if she only but gets still and listen. She can help YOU be confident in the skin you’re in!

  • Date: Tuesday 31 July, 2012
  • Time: 7 – 8.30pm
  • Venue: EDEN – Eating Difficulties Education Network  395a Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland
  • Cost:$20 presales.  $25 door sales on the night.

Tickets and info:

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