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11 October on Take It From Us radio

Be stimulated to rethink your own world, and its possibilities on Take It From Us tomorrow. Rethink Possible Worlds is a Mental Health Awareness Week event of dance, music, poetry, visual art and film. Hear how such creativity can improve our mental health, and boost our journey through “the maze of life.” Members of the cast of reTHiNK Possible Worlds visit the studio to discuss their upcoming show with host Sheldon Brown.

Tune in @ 12.30pm every Tuesday, PlanetFM104.6.

Take It From Us is live on the web at www.planetaudio.org.nz/takeitfromus (click on Listen Live)

or visit www.likeminds.org.nz if you want to catch up with any of the latest four shows.

Self-Stigma Workshops in Taranaki

When we believe the stigma lie …

Stigma and discrimination affects all areas of society and is particularly prevalent in mental illness. Statistics reveal that a third of people experiencing mental disorders will battle on alone and avoid seeking help, because the stigma associated with being diagnosed with a mental illness is too great. People who do seek help and are diagnosed with a mental illness often find themselves labeled as being “mentally unwell” and run the real risk of believing (and internalising) the stigma so common in society.

Internalised (self) stigma is particularly challenging for people living with an experience of mental illness because it compounds conditions already being experienced, namely poor self-esteem and poor self-worth.

Like Minds Taranaki has put together an interactive workshop for people living with an experience of mental illness. Participants gain an understanding of the disempowering effects of internalised stigma and learn simple tools to counter its effects, supporting the choice of new beliefs to promote mental wellness. Two 3 hour workshops will be offered as part of the programme for Mental Health Awareness Week – one in New Plymouth on Monday 3rd October, and another in Hawera on Thursday 6th October.

For more information and to register for this free workshop, please contact Like Minds Taranaki on 06-759 0966 or mental.health@xtra.co.nz

An Unmissable Mental-Health Awareness Week Event

reTHiNK Possible Worlds

We are all human beings navigating the maze of life.

Emerging and established talents from five different creative fields come together in a one hour collaborative display that is sure to leave even the most cynical amongst us uplifted.

A cross-genre collaboration of ambitious proportions – Dance, live music, performance poetry, visual art and film are interwoven to tell the powerful story of multiple characters as they navigate their way out of mental unwellness and rethink their possible worlds.

Get your tickets now!


Only three chances to see the show across two days during Mental Health Awareness Week

  • 8:00 – 10:00 pm Friday October 14th |
  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm Saturday October 15th |
  • 5:00 – 7:00 pm Saturday October 15th 

At Galatos, Main Room, 17 Galatos Street, Auckland Central

Tickets just $10 from The Literatti’s website, with limited door sales available for each session.

Take the Facebook Quiz to find out which reTHiNK character YOU are! 

September RCNet Forum

The Auckland Regional Consumer Network invites everyone to attend a forum that provides opportunities for the sharing of information from the mental health and addictions sectors.

WHERE:  Western Springs  Garden Community Hall, 956 Great North Rd  Western Springs
WHEN:  Thursday 15th September  9.30am – 12.30pm
WHAT:  Bronwyn Clark will be talking about her survey results looking at the role of spirituality in recovery.  And RCNet presents their Membership survey

For further information, contact staff at the Regional Consumer Network on 623.1762 or office@rcnet.co.nz

Share your perspective with reTHiNK Possible Worlds

Possible Worlds Youtube Competition Flyer

Be part of reTHiNK Possible Worlds with The Literatti and you could win an awesome IDEOS X5 Smartphone worth $500 thanks to 2Degree mobile!

The main point is being part of a powerful project for social change, but you also get a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work and your perspective, as well as the chance to win a flash new piece of technology to help you stay connected!

All you need to do is make a video response to the statement ‘We are all human beings navigating the maze of life’.

You can make anything from a simple journal-piece in front of your web-cam to a moving image work of art, a spoken word performance piece, a music video or a short film.

Entries close on September 11th – so it’s time to get creating!

Visit www.theliteratti.com to check out the reTHiNK Possible Worlds guidelines and upload your entry.

Proudly funded by a 2011 reTHiNK Grant from Like Minds, Like Mine at Mind and Body Consultants Ltd.

Coming Up Tomorrow on ‘Take It From Us’ Radio Show

Tomorrow’s show on Take It From Us is about mates and mental health. The guest has been the host’s mate for almost 60 years through thick and thin, and some not so good mental health moments for both of them. He’s been through two serious bouts of surgery, and lived through the two devastating earthquakes in Christchurch, and 7500 aftershocks living in a suburb that’s been hard hit. What’s his formula for mental well being, and what does he do when the going gets tough?

Tune in @ 12.30pm every Tuesday, PlanetFM104.6.  Remember Take It From Us is live on the web at www.planetaudio.org.nz/takeitfromus (type in the search box), or listen on www.likeminds.org.nz if you want to catch up with any of the latest four shows.

Coming up at the August RCNet Forum

 Thursday 18th August | 9.30am – 12.30pm at Western Springs Garden Community Hall (956 Great North Rd, Western Springs).  Light lunch provided.


  • Margie Vincent – FRESH PERSPECTIVE: A new service to support parents and caregivers. Fresh Perspective is a free mentoring service – matching up parents and caregivers to walk alongside one another offering support and encouragement.
  • Emma Dore – SUPPORTING FAMILIES AKL: ‘What do you think families need?’

For further information, please contact staff at the Regional Consumer Network on 09-623-1762 or office@rcnet.co.nz